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A journey over a distance with a peasant nature will be an unforgettable experience to Everest treks. A pleasant journey towards nature is trekking to Everest trek. The greatest peak Mount Everest trek is situated in eastern division of the country Nepal. Mount Everest treks section is a broad area of the trekkers for trek routes.  The Everest trek which is also recognized as one of the trekking area in the earth in remote wilderness, there is a lot distance which adds a better moments to make a decision from.

Everest trek follow which have the uppermost altitude with extra ordinary vista, sight of snow covered Himalayan crest and the Everest treks which is at the pinnacle of the earth and there are other most gorgeous peak, monasteries, monuments and temples. Legendry Sherpa’s spiritual beliefs on top of the hill they name their birth place is one of the historic parts of the world. The summit of the world’s peak base camp is at 17590 feet altitude. Sagarmatha National Park, the biggest jungle next to with sociable villagers and the valley of the Dudh Koshi River is the most enjoyable place to seek all over the world and the best destination of the well known trekkers.
There are many routes to the Mount Everest trek but it depends on the way that trekkers have selected. On the way to  trekking track to Mount Everest treks or Gokyo valley a teahouse trek is absolutely the best and a convenient choice. Although it depends upon the path those trekkers choose as their route to Mount Everest treks. The trek Everest has one of the extraordinary routes to its top and the most unforgettable moment to climb the toughest path.